The Definitive LoveCubby Guide to Vibrators

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The Definitive LoveCubby Guide to Vibrators

Oh, the vibrator. She has a long a storied history. Invented by male doctors whose hands got tired from jerking off “hysterical” women, the vibrator has been a symbol of female sexual repression and empowerment. Thirty years out from the sexual revolution, the vibrator has evolved from practical tool to sexual phenomenon, coming in all shapes, sizes, colors, and tastes.

In the US, over half of women and nearly half of men will admit to incorporating vibrators into their sex lives. For those who go for the buzz, vibrators have been linked to health-promoting behaviors and positive sexual function. For men, in particular, those who used vibrators recently were more likely to participate in sexual-health promoting behaviors such as testicular exams.

From bullet vibes to tongue-enhancers, today’s vibrating world can be overwhelming to navigate. Never fear, Love Cubby is here. This is our definitive guide to vibrators.


Classic Vibrators

Let’s start with the basics. Classic vibrators are typically slim, lipstick shaped, and made to be multipurpose. These babies can be used for clitorial, G-spot, and prostate stimulation and often run on as little as a single AAA battery. Small and discreet enough to throw in your pocket or purse, a classic lipstick vibe is the perfect starter toy.


Rabbit Vibrators

Yeah, that Rabbit. Of Sex and the City fame, Rabbit vibrators became uber-popular when straight-laced Charlotte was portrayed getting straight-up addicted to her rabbit (“It’s no big deal, I’d just rather stay home with the rabbit than go out and deal with men!”), and a vibrator intervention becomes necessary — it’s that good. The “Rolls Royce of vibrators” is famous for its multi-pronged approach, providing clitorial, vaginal, and sometimes anal stimulation, too.


G-Spot Vibrators

Yes, Siggy’s infamous declaration that clitorial orgasms are for girls and G-spot orgasms are for mature women has been replaced with a much more nuanced understanding of female pleasure. Even so, sometimes all a lady wants is to have that inner itch scratched. G-spot vibrators are designed to get up there and stimulate the penny-sized area between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. While we now know that more women are able to reach orgasm through clitoral play, G-spot stimulation has been linked to female ejaculation. Let the fun begin.


Bullet & Egg Vibrators

Named for their small, discreet shapes, bullet and egg vibrators are known for packing a punch. Their small size and powerful vibration make them perfect for those who can’t get enough sensation. Bullet vibrators are shaped for either clitoral or vaginal stimulation, while egg vibrators are ideal for inserting and stimulating the G-spot (they also help out with your Kegel exercises!).



Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Finger and tongue vibrators are the ultimate foreplay enhancement. These wearable devices are designed to enhance finger stimulation and oral sex. Use finger vibes solo for an effortless extension of your regular routine, or get your partner to slip on a finger or tongue vibe to add some spice to your warm up.


The world of vibrators is large and contains multitudes, just like Walt Whitman. Sing your own Song of Myself by exploring the rich world of vibes, either by yourself or with a sexy friend. So good that they inspire a slew of worry about their addictiveness even today (we get you, Charlotte), a vibrator the perfect toy for those looking to explore themselves or enhance their shared sex life. With the rich array of options out there, you’re guaranteed to find a vibrator that hits the exact right spot.  


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